Konkordiahütte / Koncordia-hut (2850 m)
Aletschgletscher / Aletsch Glacier, Schweiz / Switzerland
Fahne / flag, 4m x 2,50m

THERE IS MORE WATER ON THE MOON THAN EXPECTED is a lapidary statement. It talks about some new awarenesses: scientists found out in 2017 that there is way more water on the Moon than expected, as H2O particles are bound into rock molecules. That means that there is hope, once we have to leave Earth (or: once we have consumed all the ressources) to get a glass of water on the Moon. Another speculation is, that the Aletsch glacier could provide a liter of water for four years for every person on earth. The idea to put up a target flag and to quote the knowledge on more existing water in reachable distance – only 3 days of travelling as we know from Apollo 11 in 1969 – deals with the fact that we are almost confronted with the extinction of the most essential element for life, water.

The  flag for Aletsch is conceived as a chequered flag, in some (motor-) sports used to mark the target. The target here is to climb high, to achieve the goal. One destination could be to reach the Konkordia hut. This is a real challenge, as the glacier is only accessible for hikers with a tour guide. It is disadvised to walk alone across this glacier, which is the biggest in Europe and changes every day. Once reached the steps of the naked rock (formerly covered by ice) which lead to Konkordia hut, you know that you have almost reached the goal!

The flag for the Aletsch dialogues with the one for Amboy (CA), I was sewing on-site in summer 2016. It was placed on the remaining flagpost of an abandoned school, which was left almost 20 years ago, beacuse of the aridity of the Mojave desert.